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Flavors > Recipes > Marshmallow Cereal Morning Parfaits

Marshmallow Cereal Morning Parfaits

Serves 2
Marshmallow Cereal Morning Parfaits
Ice cream for breakfast? Surely at least once in a while your child, or the child within, deserves to start the day right with a raspberry-marshmallow swirl cereal crunch parfait.



  1. Place several spoonfuls of NadaMoo! Marshmallow Stardust in bottom of each jar.
  2. Layer ½ cup marshmallows on top of each NadaMoo! Marshmallow Stardust layer.
  3. Layer ½ cup cereal on top of each marshmallow layer.
  4. Repeat above steps one more time so you have 2 layers of everything in each jar.

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