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Sweet, Cool!


Orange Crème

with a vanilla-y coconut milk center

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Open up for your new favorite indulgent frozen snack: a tasty, vanilla-y coconut milk-based morsel delicately wrapped in a soft, chewy orange coating. As fun to eat as they are delicious, these bite-sized decadent frozen treats have all the craveable creaminess without a lick of dairy.

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Orange juice, coconut cream, organic cane sugar, organic rice syrup solids, water, natural flavors, seaweed fiber, fruit pectin, citric acid, guar gum, tomato lycopene (color), vanilla extract.

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We consider the impact of our decisions on employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.


Our ingredients are non-GMO certified, and our manufacturing partners are, too. By the way, GMO stands for genetically modified organism.


Gluten is a no-go for us. That’s why you won’t find any in our bites or pints—flaky pie crust included.


None of our stuff contains animal products, byproducts, or have been tested on animals.

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