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Our boxes are designed to perfectly hold 5 or 9 items! They are insulated with plenty of dry ice to keep everything frozen while it ships right to your doorstep so you can scoop right in!

Regular Pack (5 item)

Up to 20 lbs

14 × 14 × 14 in

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Up to 30 lbs

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About Us


Good for the people

Good for
the planet

We’re rooted in sustainability

Since our start, we’ve made it our mission to do right by the environment by creating sweets that are sustainable inside and out, from staying away from dairy, to partnering with mindful farmers, and beyond.


Every pint we make uses fewer gallons of water than dairy ice cream


We save 30% more energy by using solar panels in agave farming


Our pints are made out of sustainably sourced materials

Plant-based is best

So is coconut milk

  • grown naturally, without added water
  • doesn't require pesticides or fertilizers
  • outer shavings are converted into fuel

done right

Responsible & sustainable

  • prioritize sustainable farming always
  • agave waste is made into fertilizer
  • 80% of water used to process agave is recycled

Labels we like


We consider the impact of our decisions on employees, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment.


Our ingredients are non-GMO certified, and our manufacturing partners are, too. By the way, GMO stands for genetically modified organism.


Gluten is a no-go for us. That’s why you won’t find any in our pints—flaky pie crust included.


None of our stuff contains animal products, byproducts, or have been tested on animals.

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Planet-friendly ice cream

Our safety seals ensure integrity and provide protection for every pint
Our coconut milk base takes fewer gallons of water to produce than dairy
The paperboard comes from responsibly managed trees

Business With Soul

B corp certification

A fair future

Fair-trade certification

Meet our sweets

Mindfully made and mind-blowingly delicious

Vanilla Bean
Mint Chip
Cookies & Crème