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Every NadaMoo flavor begins with our top secret, extra creamy, dairy-free coconut milk base. From there, we use some of the finest, organic, certified non-GMO ingredients to create the most amazing flavor combinations you can imagine. Check out our pints below and find what you’ve been craving!

NadaMoo Cookies & Creme

NadaMoo Lotta Mint Chip

NadaMoo Creamy Coconut

NadaMoo PB & Chocolate

NadaMoo Chocolate

NadaMoo Vanilla Cha-Cha-Chai

NadaMoo Chocolate Almond

NadaMoo Maple Pecan

NadaMoo Vanilla

NadaMoo Cherry Lime

NadaMoo Java Crunch


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"As I type this message, I am literally finishing off my first pint of the Lotta Mint Chip and I looooove it! It is just the right minty, the right creamy and had just the right number of chocolate chips."

− Krismin Inocentes

"Nada Moo is the only one I have found that truly is like ice cream. Thank you!!!Keep up the good work and bring on more flavors!"

− Michele Ward

"Am enjoying your Banana/Chocolate/Peanut very very much! Possibly too much..."

− P Fennig

"I was wondering if it's possible to ship Nadamoo to Stockholm, Sweden! I would love it so much, and it drives me crazy to just be able to follow you on Instagram."

− Vega Reimer


Our Recipes

Dairy-free desserts come in all shapes and sizes. From dairy-free milkshakes to delicious afternoon delights, we’ve got recipes for just about every occasion. Check ‘em out!


Patriotic Parfait

June 25, 2015



June 25, 2015


Java Frappuccino

June 25, 2015

About Us

People thought we were crazy when we wanted to make ice cream with coconut milk, but we’re from Austin, so we did it anyway. We called it NadaMoo! It’s a word we made up that means “no-dairy.” It’s fun to say and even more fun to eat!


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