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Ice Cream Scoops

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By Denise Leathers, Frozen and Refrigerated Buyer

Another fast-growing pint segment is the best-for-you subcategory. Whether free-from, protein-packed or non-dairy, these so-called healthy frozen desserts appeal to those consumers who either limit ice cream consumption (about a third of the population, according to a survey commissioned by Arctic Zero) or avoid it altogether (a fourth of all consumers) because they think it’s not good for them, reports Pandhi.

Often selected more for what they don’t contain rather than what they do, “Fit frozen desserts like Arctic Zero give health-conscious people who love ice cream a reason to reach into the freezer again,” he says. Made with hormone-free whey protein instead of milk and cream (so, technically, it’s a frozen dairy dessert, not ice cream), the line if lactose-free, GMO-free, low-glycemic and low-cal and includes several fat-free and low-fat options.

Another pint segment registering strong growth recently is dairy-free,.In fact, reports IRI, non-dairy sales shot up nearly 50% last year. Among the latest additions to the category is a pair of new coconut milk varieties from Austin, Texas-based NadaMoo. Like the company’s current flavors, both Birthday Cake Cookie Dough and The Rockiest Road are certified Fair Trade, vegan, gluten-free, organic and non-GMO.

5 Ways to Celebrate a Vegan Mother’s Day with Your Mom

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By Rebecca Sykes

Show your mom you love her with vegan food, gifts, and fun.

A vegan Mother’s Day is the perfect way to celebrate everything your mom has done for you. And with so many amazing cruelty-free foods, cosmetics, restaurants, and films, you can spoil your mother all of Sunday, and well into Monday! From treating her to a yummy plant-based lunch or buying her adorable vegan jewelry, here are our five favorites ways we’ll be celebrating with our moms this weekend.

1. Cook her a vegan meal
Breakfast in bed has always been the cliché of Mother’s Day, so don’t do it. Instead, cook her a vegan breakfast to enjoy in the kitchen so no one makes a mess in bed. However, why not surprise your mom with a vegan breakfast for dinner? Breakfast burritos with tofu scramble, bell peppers, onions, and roasted potatoes is a delicious way to celebrate your mom, and she’ll never expect it! Or, why not make something sweet for her such as maple-peanut butter pancakes or a vegan lemon curd for dessert?

2. Take her to a vegan restaurant
If cooking isn’t your forté, take your mom to a vegan restaurant and let her splurge. This tip might seem obvious, but sometimes obvious is best. By taking your mom out for a meal, you’re expressing your thanks for all of her hard work. Plus, everyone likes having someone else prepare their meals (and do the dishes), so going out to eat definitely earns you mega-points in the parent-offspring relationship. A few of our favorites include No Bones Beach Club, Millennium, Crossroads Kitchen, Chicago Diner, Fare Well, Modern Love Brooklyn, and Vedge.

3. Give her a personalized gift
With the hassle of making food (or going to a restaurant) out of the way, it’s time for gifts. There’s nothing wrong with giving flowers and vegan chocolates, but if these are too generic for you, try Etsy.com, where you’ll find a plethora of unique vegan gifts. One shop called Crobinson Design sells vegan jewelry such as heart-shaped necklaces that say “Vegan Mom” on them, but designer/owner Christy Robinson can do custom orders if you want your jewelry to say something else. There are many other vegan options (ranging from t-shirts to vegan soap) on Etsy if you want to get your mom something other than jewelry.

4. Watch a movie
Who doesn’t love staying in and binge watching TV shows and movies, especially with your best friend? No one, so pick up some of your mom’s favorite movies and maybe some movies with some vegan actors such as Joaquin Phoenix or Rooney Mara. You can always watch documentaries such as Cowspiracy, What The Health, and Vegucated to educate each other more on the vegan lifestyle. Seeing as how no movie night is complete without a slice or three, make your mom some vegan pizza with pineapple, mushrooms, and/or peppers. Once the pizza is gone, bust out a carton of NadaMoo’s Rocky Road, Birthday Cake, Snickerdoodle, or Chocolate Peanut Butter flavors. Now that’s a happy Mother’s Day!

5. Vegan spa day
A vegan spa day is not only a wonderful idea for your mom but for yourself as well, so treat her like a queen with a fun outing that includes getting a mani-pedi, a massage, and a haircut. However, finding vegan spas/salons can be difficult, so call your local spas/salons to see if they carry any cruelty-free, vegan friendly lines, such as Aveda. Another option is to treat her in the comfort of her (or your) home. Hire a massage therapist to come to your house, and you can supply the cruelty-free massage oils. A DIY home spa—think facial masks and manicures—is another fun way to spend time together while pampering Mom. For inspiration, check out YouTube star Rawvana’s easy-to-make skincare recipes.



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By Vegetarians of Washington

There are so many wonderful products at Vegfest every year and many are new to our region. One of our favorites is Nadomoo!  As its name implies it’s a dairy free ice “cream”.

Nadamoo! was a big hit at Vegfest so we decided to find out more. Here’s how they answered some of our questions. I’ve just got to try the Birthday Cake Cookie Dough!

When did your company start? Our company was started in 2004 in Austin, TX.

How would you describe your product? It’s the best tasting ice cream on the market! We think that just because it’s non-dairy doesn’t mean that it should lack in flavor. We have the creamiest, richest most ice cream-like plant-based product out there, or at least we think so!

What motivated you to begin? What’s Nadamoo! all about? NadaMoo! is a family brand that was created by our founder so that her sister, who suffered from food allergies, could enjoy ice cream with the rest of their family. Needless to say, we are all about family and inclusion. We want everyone to enjoy our dessert regardless of dietary restrictions.

What interested you in expanding into the Northwest? Just like Austin, we know there are lots of customers in the Northwest looking for organic, non-dairy desserts. We believe in transparency and creating a clean label.

How many kinds of Nadamoo! are there? What are the newest varieties? There are currently 15 flavors of NadaMoo! The newest flavors are Birthday Cake Cookie Dough and The Rockiest Road which were released in February 2017. Chocolate Peanut Butter was just released in May 2017!

Where can I buy Nadamoo! products locally?  Our products are currently available in Whole Foods Markets in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Lynnwood, and University Place, and also at the Metropolitan Market in Tacoma (Proctor) and Sno-Isle Coop in Everett.

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

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Where do these ‘nice creams’ rank in our taste test? The AFM Staff reviews healthier ice cream options to keep you fit and cool all summer long.

By Austin Fit Magazine


​Some may say that non-dairy ice cream is a sacrilege, but those people probably haven’t tasted NadaMoo. Not only is it made with coconut milk instead of dairy milk, it’s also a certified organic and vegan product. Most flavors are well-balanced, and the sweetness is achieved through the use of agave nectar. This locally-made ice cream will win you over—regardless of whether you have a lactose sensitivity or not.

Lactose-free: Yes

“The cookies & crème flavor was my favorite. I’m so surprised that it isn’t made with milk or cream.”

“The mint chip ice cream was clean, minty, and just sweet enough.”

“Soft texture, but with lots of chunks!”

“Being Kind is Cool” at New Vegan Scoop Shop

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By Anna Starostinetskaya


Austin’s Vicecreme opens with a compassionate message and incredible vegan ice cream, banana-based soft serve, sundaes, shakes, and more.

Vegan ice cream shop Vicecreme opened on Earth Day last Saturday in Austin, TX. The interior of the shop—owned by brother-and-sister-team Mike Limongelli and Gina Galvan—is emblazoned with the message “Being Kind is Cool,” and offerings include six flavors of hard ice cream, banana-based soft serve, shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and three-scoop sundaes. New flavors—such as maple pecan for fall—will be introduced seasonally, and current toppings include chocolate cookies, peanut butter, chocolate chips, marshmallows, and whipped “creme.” There is no shortage of vegan treats in Austin, as evidenced by the rapid growth of local ice cream company NadaMoo!, which, in addition to adding two new flavors to its coconut milk-based line, expanded to Sprouts stores nationwide last year.


NadaMoo! Shakes Up Dairy-Free Ice Cream Category with New Two Gallon Containers!

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(AUSTIN, TX) April 1, 2017- NadaMoo!, Austin based dairy-free coconut milk ice cream, officially launches two-gallon pails of coconut milk ice cream into club stores beginning today. Two new flavors – Birthday Cake Cookie Dough and The Rockiest Road – are now available nationwide in two-gallon tubs. The gluten-free, zero cholesterol, agave sweetened frozen dessert company has taken a Texas-sized approach to expanding their growing product line to include “party pails” that are perfect for everything from big parties to holiday gatherings and extreme Netflix bingeing.

This is the first foray outside of the standard sixteen ounce pints for the frozen dessert company, and a first of its kind for the dairy-free category. NadaMoo! President and CEO Daniel Nicholson, said he wanted to shake things up and give fans what they wanted by bringing larger sizes to market. “Our two new flavors – Birthday Cake Cookie Dough and The Rockiest Road – have been so popular since launching nationwide last month, we wanted to do something special to respond to our fans’ requests for larger sizes. Since everything is bigger in Texas, we decided to launch two gallon containers!” NadaMoo! Birthday Cake Cookie Dough and The Rockiest Road two-gallon pails are now exclusively available on their website and in select club stores and specialty retailers nationwide. Please visit nadamoo.com for more information.

ABOUT: NadaMoo! is a dairy-free, zero cholesterol, gluten-free, lower calorie and lower carb ice cream made from coconut milk. Established in Austin in 2004, NadaMoo! was founded with a mission to make the world happier and healthier, one scoop at a time. Since NadaMoo! is made with the cream of the coconut, each pint retains the creamy taste and texture of regular ice cream while remaining dairy- and gluten-free. Sweetened with agave nectar, NadaMoo! has roughly half the fat and calories of not only ice cream, but also similar dairy-free alternatives. The company makes its products in Texas and is dedicated to using organic, kosher, Fair Trade Certified and gluten-free ingredients whenever possible in support of a fair, sustainable and contaminant-free food chain. Owned by his South Texas family, President and CEO Daniel Nicholson has led the company’s expansion into new regions and points of distribution across the nation without forgetting his roots. NadaMoo! is available in natural, conventional, specialty and co-op grocery stores nationwide. For more information, visit nadamoo.com or follow @NadaMoo on Twitter and Instagram.

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Natalie Paramore
[email protected]

Independence Brewing and Lagunitas Brewing presents Joint Session

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by Culture Map Austin

Joint Session is a free live music showcase featuring poster artists from around the country, food trucks, and plenty of craft beer.  Each guest will receive four tokens for 12 oz. beer samples from both Independence Brewing Company and Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Bringing together the art behind the music, four of the top poster artists and screen printers from Austin and beyond, Billy Bishop, Lil Tuffy, Andy Vastaugh and Travis Bone, will be onsite selling limited edition prints. Nine Mile will showcase a lineup of indie and rock artists playing throughout the day.

Resident food trucks will be serving up “tacos con chutney,” joined onsite by LeRoy & Lewis barbecue, and NadaMoo ice cream, with food available for purchase throughout the day.


Snap Kitchen X SW

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Austin’s biggest interactive, film, music, and comedy is almost here and we’re gearing up in a big way. We’ve got a week of events lined up at our new trailer, located in the heart of downtown to showcase some of our partners and give you a much needed dose of healthy.

Take a ride with Peloton, March 10-11 // 9AM-2PM  Experience Peloton, the cutting edge indoor bike that combines the best of fitness and tech. Pop in for a demo or get in a quick ride before your next panel.

Caffeination station with La ColombeMarch 10-19 // 10AM-5PM  Introducing La Colombe at Snap Kitchen.  Enjoy a complimentary Pure Black and Draft Latte for that coffee pick-me-up between panels.

Nada Moo ice cream socialMarch 10 // 3PM-5PM  Vegan ice cream? Nada problem. Treat yourself to something sweet and enjoy a scoop of NadaMoo coconut ice cream topped with our almond & sea salt dark chocolate.

Stay chili with BeanitosMarch 11 & 18 // 3PM-5PM  Our chef will be serving up your new favorite Snap pairing: a bag of antioxidant and fiber-packed Beanitos topped with a scoop of Turkey or Vegan Chili, eaten with a spoon.

Best of bananas with BarnanaMarch 10, 13, 17  // 9AM-11AM  These dried banana bites are the perfect on-the-go snack to keep you fueled up through the fest. Take your first taste of Barnana at the Snap Trailer.

Cure for the common hangry: RXBARMarch 11 & 12  // 9AM-11AM, 3PM-5PM, March 13 // 2-4PM  A growling stomach shouldn’t cut your festival fun short. Our heroes at RXBAR will be at the trailer passing out their gluten free, soy free, dairy free, delicious full protein bars.

Some like it hot. everyone likes YellowbirdMarch 14  // 3PM-5PM  Make our Brisket Hash all your own with a drizzle of a flavor or three from our favorite local hot sauce brand — Yellowbird.

Parfait par-tay with Kokonut Yogurt, March 12 & 17  // 3PM-5PM  We’re obsessed with this Austin-born coconut yogurt. Kokonut has it all: delicious & inventive flavors, clean ingredients, plus tons of pairing potential. Get a taste for yourself at our BYO parfait bar.

Soothing sips with Nona Lim
March 14-16 // 9AM-11AM  After days full of queso, BBQ, and booze, head over to the trailer for a cup of sippable Nona Lim soup that’ll nourish & satisfy without weighing you down.

The bitter truth tastes damn goodMarch 16  // 3PM-5PM  Our friends at Salud! Bitters will be shaking up Topo Chico mocktails. Their homemade bitters increase liver function, regulate blood sugar, and promote healthy digestion… AKA just what your body called for mid-fest.

Top 10 Vegan Finds at Natural Products Expo West 2017

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By Sarah E. Jahier

This was my fourth year at the Natural Products Expo West (past years’ coverage – 2014, 2015, 2016), a convention held every year at the Anaheim Convention Center where companies showcase their new natural foods and products to retailers, restaurants, industry folk, and press. Many companies launch new products at this convention, including many vegan and vegan-friendly products. Each year it is so exciting to see so many more vegan options at the Expo! This year was no different, and there were so many new vegan finds I can’t wait to share with you!

I was only able to go one day this year, but I still managed to cover lots of ground and hit most of the booths I was interested in checking out. I’m ecstatic that veganism keeps getting bigger and bigger at Expo, and I even overheard a buyer from a HUGE grocery chain (that was checking out a vegan cheese line no less!) exclaim that veganism seems to be everywhere this year (she’s right, and it’s just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger)! There was so much vegan stuff to check out and I stuffed my face with so much vegan food, but there were ten vegan finds that really stood out. Check them out below:

1. Daiya Pumpkin Spice Cheezecake – This was the best thing I put in my mouth all Expo!! As you probably know, I am obsessed with all things pumpkin spice, so this was the product I was most excited for and it did not disappoint! It was creamy, dreamy, and had just the right balance of sweet and pumpkin spice. This will be a seasonal product, so look for it this fall!

2. Follow Your Heart New Yogurt – There were A LOT of vegan yogurts at Expo this year, but the best I tried were from Follow Your Heart! They are made from a coconut base and full of real fruit and probiotic cultures. They are soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO as well.  The consistency of FYH’s yogurts was perfect and I loved the real chunks of fruit in some flavors. The variety of flavors was awesome, and they included Strawberry Rhubarb, Key Lime, and Pina Colada! Look for these in stores early this summer!

3. Field Roast Mini Corn Dogs – Field Roast had so many new vegan products this year (check out more below!) that it made it tough to choose a favorite, but these mini corn dogs totally won my heart! They had the perfect batter-to-hot-dog ratio, and the batter itself was delectable! They are made with Field Roast’s own Frankfurters, so you know they are good! These will be in stores later this year – look for them in the frozen section.

4. Upton’s Naturals Ch’eesy Bacon Mac – This prepared vegan mac and cheese only takes one minute to prepare (the pasta is already cooked!) and has an incredible smoky flavor. I really liked the nice firm al dente bite of the pasta. Definitely a winner and I can’t wait for it to hit stores! Their other new products (check ’em out below) are delicious as well!

5. Miyoko’s Kitchen Smoked VeganMozz – I didn’t think Miyoko’s could get any better, but this smoky vegan mozzarella blew my mind! The flavor is unbelievable and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of this stuff! It is gonna elevate breakfast sandwiches, pizzas, grilled cheese, and so much more!

6. Nature’s Charm Vegan Sundae Sauces and Coconut Whipping Cream – Nature’s Charm are coming out with three new coconut-based dessert toppings – butterscotch, salted caramel, and chocolate fudge – plus a new coconut whipping cream! I could not get enough of these toppings and can’t wait to have vegan ice cream sundaes topped with their coconut whip and sauces.

7. NUCO Coconut Vegan Mayo – There were a few new vegan mayonnaise options at Expo, but NUCO’s coconut and avocado oil based mayo was my favorite! It had a fantastic creamy texture, just the right amount of fat to give it a good mouthfeel, and it had a great tangy taste! Plus, it is made with clean ingredients with no weird additives.

8. Vegetarian Plus Tuna Rolls – These vegan tuna rolls come in two individually wrapped rolls, and you can make all sorts of thing with them. The chef at the Vegetarian Plus booth made these incredible spicy vegan tuna rolls and I stood there for a few minutes sneaking several samples. They taste so freaking good, I can’t wait to make my own sushi rolls with them! Vegan sushi party, anyone?

9. Violife Vegan Cheeses – Like past years, Violife’s cheeses were a real standout of Expo! I tried their new after-dinner dessert cheeses stuffed with blueberries and cranberries as well as sampling some of my old favorites (like their parmesan!!) and loved everything.

10. Milkadamia Latte Da – Milkadamia was my favorite beverage at Expo last year, and now they are releasing this incredible latte drink! I tried a cappuccino they made with it, and the caramel and marshmallow flavors were delightful!

Other notable new vegan products coming to stores soon include:

NadaMoo Birthday Cake and Rockiest Road Ice Cream – These two new flavors were released a month or so before Expo, but I haven’t been able to find them at my local Sprouts grocery store yet, so Expo was the first place I got to try them! They were both phenomenal! The Birthday Cake had ribbons of yellow cake, chunks of cookie dough, and rainbow sprinkles in the vanilla ice cream, while Rockiest Road was chocolate ice cream studded with almonds, cookies, and fluffy marshmallows. Both flavors were incredible and I can’t wait to find them at my local Sprouts!

Follow Your Heart Rocket Cakes and Ready-to-Pour VeganEgg – Rocket Cakes is a brand new, ready-to-pour on the grill liquid pancake batter that will make vegan pancakes even easier to make! They were also showcasing their pre-mixed liquid VeganEgg in a container that is easy to pour. Both of these will be released in the fall.

Daiya Deluxe Cheeze Sauce – Just the cheese sauce (the same that is sold with their mac and cheese) will be sold in packets of three so you can douse your veggies or make nachos! I tried some at Expo with some chips and it was delicious. It will be available in both their Cheddar Style and Alfredo Style flavors.

Field Roast Chao Mac and Cheese, Fruffalo Wings, Katsu Cutlets, Chao Buttery Spread, and Chao Mayo – OMG, Field Roast is releasing so many RAD new products and they all taste amazing! The mac and cheese was fantatic and uses penne pasta and comes in Original and Chili flavors. The Buttery Spread tasted amazing on bread and the mayo had a nice creamy taste. And drooling over the Katsu Cutlets and Fruffalo Wings! They also had three seasonal sausages – Hawaiian, Bratwurst, and Lil’ Smokies!

Upton’s Naturals Ready-to-Eat Meals and New Jackfruit Flavors – Upton’s unveiled four new shelf-stable vegan meal kits that feature pre-cooked noodles and real vegetables that are ready in just one minute! They are available in the following authentic Thai flavors: Massaman Curry, Pad See Ew, Thai Spaghetti, and Thai Curry Noodle. They also debuted two new jackfruit flavors, Sweet and Smoky (which is perfect for those that want a subtle BBQ flavor) and Sriracha!

Myrtle Greens Vegan Jerky – I was pleased to see so many vegan jerky options at Expo, but my fave was the jerky from Myrtle Greens (who are affiliated with Vegetarian Plus). I loved Vegetarian Plus’ jerky last year, and I think these might be the same ones re-branded. I’m hoping these finally hit stores this year!

Bute Island Foods Sheese – This was my first time trying this Scottish vegan cheese that so far has only been available in Europe. It was soooooo good and they have so many different flavors. They were trying to find U.S. distribution at Expo, so I’m really hoping they get some buzz going so we can find it in the U.S. soon!

Best Vegan Snacking

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This week’s best of series focuses on all things vegan snacking.

So when I say vegan snacking, I wanted to share the best of great snack ideas not genetically modified *clears throat* crap that coincidentally is vegan like Oreos.  I wanted real, vegan and gluten free snacking.  I wanted to cover chips to ice cream and everything in between so everyone from sweet to salty palates are covered.

As clean as your eating is, it’s important to build in treats or desserts into your diet. Balance is key.  I shared favorites that are all gluten free and vegan.  Easily found at Whole Foods or your favorite markets (or online).  This is just a list of my top favorites and honestly the list could go on & on if you let me.

Let’s start with popcorn.  I truthfully have a strong love for popcorn.  This popcorn in particular is my kryptonite.  Live Love Pop Truffle popcorn is based out of Austin, Texas.  A phenomenal company that is also sharing a 20% off discount for friends of mine on their new online shop.  Use code:  Kneadtocook for 20% off your order.  The truffle salt is our absolute favorite!

Let’s get into dark chocolate & of course, nut butter.  MY love.  Justin’s has long been a favorite of mine.  This little bag of delectable goodness are perfect for snacking, topping ice cream OR in baking.  No words needed.  Just go and get these!

Who needs dairy ice cream?  NOT me!  Once you sink your spoon into Nadamoo’s coconut based ice creams… there’s no turning back.  They just released two new flavors which I’m still dying over!

Needless to say the product they sent us was quickly devoured.  Thankfully local markets can order for us.  The birthday cake cookie dough.  Really, this is the best food combination in the history of food combinations EVER.

Moving on… baked coconut chips.  I bought them on a whim one day at the grocery store and have worked my way through many brands but THIS!  Oh C20 you make the most delectable flavors, texture and such yummy goodness.  I love these atop smoothie bowls, on my oatmeal or straight outta the bag 😉 Available at most grocery stores near the healthier chips/snacks.  Totally addictive.  Be warned.

Ohhhhh Hippeas.  I stumbled on these vegan puff kinda snacks at Starbucks and we instantly fell in love.  My daughter love the fajita flavor and I of course am smitten with Sriracha. You can order right from Amazon and they ship you a love, huge box of love.  Crunchy.  Flavor packed.  Oh and they’re made from chickpeas so yeah, they have protein too!  I die.

If you’re a caramel fan like me… this is one thing that you miss going vegan.  Until now. These Cocomels caramel candies are made from coconut milk and are oh so creamy deliciousness. Perfect grab and go treat that are pre-wrapped.  They are perfect when you just need a sweet treat.

Eat Pastry has long been a favorite in our house.  First, you can eat the dough right out of the container (ha – no eggs in there).  They make a gf version.  You can mix the dough into ice cream.  Spread it on whatever.  However you do you!  Plus of course, you can bake them if your a traditionalist.  I buy these by the case and store in the freezer.  Plus the dough is ready to go if you wish to only bake 1 or 2 cookies.  I mean seriously, c’mon!

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