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How Do You NadaMoo!

Thinking Outside the Bowl with NadaMoo!

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Here at NadaMoo, we always love to see innovative and fun uses of our dairy-free ice cream, from smoothies to cakes to the more creative. We’ve decided to dedicate a whole month to “thinking outside the bowl.” This is the idea of enjoying the deliciousness of NadaMoo outside of your go-to ceramic bowl, and this creative thinking isn’t limited only to food. Look out for crafty pint endeavors and other fun surprises, in addition to recipes, embodying our motto of thinking outside the bowl.

Think Inside the Apple: Apple Bowls

Thinking Outside the Bowl with Ice Cream Stuffed Apples

Because it’s our very first thinking outside the bowl recipe, we’re starting off with baby steps. We’re throwing out the regular ol’ bowl and replacing it with a healthy alternative. Apple bowls are quick and easy to make, and would make the perfect picnic treat on a warm sunny day. Plus, edible bowls equal no dishes. Enough said.

Start by slicing off the top of a medium-sized red apple, including the stem. Using a spoon or scooper, carve out the middle of the apple and make sure to remove all the seeds. Pro tip: a melon baller works the best for removing the middle of the apple. Finally add scoops of Mmm…Maple Pecan NadaMoo to your apple bowl and top with crushed pecans and maple syrup. Easy and delicious right?

This recipe can also be altered to include to your favorite flavor of NadaMoo Coconut Milk Ice Cream and toppings. If you’re feeling extra creative, experiment with other fruits and flavors:

  • Green apples + Sweet Cherry Lime
  • Pears + Vanilla…Ahhh
  • A pineapple (watch the spikes) + Creamy Coconut
  • A small watermelon (for the extra hungry) + Vanilla…Ahhh

What combo just popped into your head? Mmm… sounds delicious. Make sure to share your creations using #thinkoutsidethebowl and tag @NadaMoo. Thanks for stoppin’ by and check back throughout April for more ways of thinking outside the bowl.



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