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What Will Fill Your Cart in 2017?

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What Will Fill Your Cart in 2017?

by Instacart

At Instacart, our customers browse the aisles online and on their phones, meaning we have the advantage of knowing not just what people are picking up from the shelves, but what they came to the store to look for. Our search trends are the best way to surface the big movers and shakers from 2016, headed to your grocery cart in 2017.

The people have spoken — through the search bar. Here are the biggest food trends of 2016.

Our Top Five of 2016

Last year we saw the domination of La Croix and the rise of the spiralizer. This year we saw the surge of healthy ice cream and a distinct interest in healthier snack options.


Dairy-Free Delights

2016 provided many satisfying and delicious alternatives to dairy. With coconut, soy and almond milks as a creamy substitute (at a fraction of the calories), we noted a significant uptick in dairy-free purchases of yogurt, milk, creamer and frozen treats.

Prediction: 2017 will usher in more delicious ways to ditch dairy. Keep an eye on nut-based yogurts (Forager Cashew Yogurt, for example) and Daiya, makers of vegan cheese that has a reputation for capturing the taste and texture of traditional cheese.


Gluttons for Gluten-Free

General searches for anything gluten-free, such as “gluten-free snacks,” “gluten-free hot dog buns” and “gluten-free crackers,” cracked the list of top trends in 2016. Even “gluten-free meatballs,” it seems, are in high demand.

Brands that are trending: Banza, a chickpea pasta, is up 343%, and Cappello’s, a product line that offers gluten-free, grain-free items, including pasta, pizza and cookie dough is up 314%.

Prediction: People will feel compelled to branch out from pre-made gluten-free items in 2017 since gluten-free ingredients, like almond and flaxseed flour, are readily available. Also, mixes like those made by Simple Mills make gluten-free baking easy. Rest assured, gluten-free is going strong.

People are Partial to Paleo

Searches for “Whole 30,” a popular paleo-based diet, are up this year by 292%. Other popular staples like chicken bone broth and grass-fed ground beef are up 268% and 381%, respectively.

Prediction: More and more brands will seek out the “Whole 30 Approved” label, following the footsteps of brands like Fatworks Oils and Naked Bacon, and more and more retailers will carry these brands.


We examined the change in Instacart user behavior by comparing growth adjusted year over year changes in the popularity of various search terms. We used a data set comprised of millions of searches from consumers spread over the 18 US states in which Instacart operates. Our results are focused on the terms that have experienced the strongest relative rise in customer interest.


Free-From Labels Drive Ice Cream Growth

By | Press Release

Food Navigator-USA 丨by Adi Menayang, February 7, 2017

According to retail data company Packaged Facts, “food industry marketers are astutely churning out a variety of healthier, yet still decadent, frozen treats to please modern American consumers.”

Based on data from IRI sales tracking through US supermarkets and grocery stores, drugstores, and mass merchandisers with annual sales of $2mn or more, there has been an increased “introduction of products that fit in with the ‘free-from’ trend in the food and beverage industry in general,” the Packaged Facts report revealed.

Examples of this trend include Arctic Zero, which markets its lower sugar content and use of monk fruit as a sweetener. “In 2015, our business doubled from 2014, and in 2016, we’ll double again,” Amit Pandhi, Arctic Zero’s CEO, told FoodNavigator-USA.

There was also a slew of probiotic ice cream product launches last year, such as Foxy’s Thoughtful Ice Cream and Brio, which is positioning its ice cream as a snack food instead of dessert.

Leading tags for frozen packaged treats include non-GMO, gluten-free, and ‘made without rBGH milk,’ referring to the hormone injected into dairy cows to make them produce more milk.

NadaMoo Rockiest Rock Ice Cream

Successful introductions hurt established brands

In addition to ‘free-from’ and ‘better-for-you’ positioned ice cream, “there has been an increase in gelato and super-premium ice cream introductions and sales,” according to the report——and this all comes at the expense of existing products and established brands.

“The market for ice cream and other frozen desserts is, as it has been for a very long time, and extremely mature market with little room for growth,” according to the report.

“Occasionally a new product will cause a stir that increases sales, but usually the success of a new product comes at the expense of existing products, rather than as added sales to the category overall.”

But for the frozen dessert industry in general, there has been sales growth. In calendar year 2016, there was a 3.1% increase of US sales of ice cream and other frozen desserts in the retail channel, hitting $12bn. From 2012 to 2016, the increase for retail sales is estimated at 4%, for a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 1%.

When combined together with the foodservice sector (which may also sell packaged products), the market increased nearly 5% in the same time period with a CAGR of 1.1%.

Nielsen: Dairy-free among biggest climbers in ice cream category

Sales may be on a steady increase, but according to Packaged Facts’ data, in term of total households using them, ice cream and frozen desserts usage rates have seen declines in various degrees over the last several years.

The one category showing an increase has been non-dairy frozen desserts——mirroring data from Nielsen, which was published last summer. In Nielsen’s report, US retail sales of non-dairy ice cream surged 43.7% to $75.2m in the 52 weeks to May 28, 2016, as more consumers purchased almond and coconut-based products.

An innovator in the non-dairy category includes NadaMoo, a frozen coconut dessert that first hit shelves in 2005 targeting vegans and people with food intolerances before winning appeal from mass audiences in recent years.

Vegan Ice Cream Company Debuts Two New Flavors

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By Anna Starostinetskaya | VegNews, February 10, 2017

Pint of Nadamoo Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Dairy-Free Ice CreamPint of Nadamoo Rockiest Road Dairy-Free Ice Cream

     Texas-based vegan company NadaMoo! introduces Birthday Cake Cookie and The Rockiest Road flavors to Sprouts stores across the country.

     Austin, TX-based vegan ice cream company NadaMoo! will expand to Sprouts markets nationwide this month. The company currently offers 12 coconut milk-based ice cream flavors through distributors such as Whole Foods Market, HEB, and Albertsons. In conjunction with its expansion, NadaMoo! will add two new flavors to the line-up this month: Birthday Cake Cookie Dough (classic vanilla ice cream with alternating layers of frosted yellow cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, and rainbow sprinkles) and The Rockiest Road (with gluten-free cookie chunks, almonds, and gelatin-free marshmallows). “We are so proud to bring these exciting new flavors to stores nationwide,” NadaMoo! CEO and President Daniel Nicholson says. “For the past year, we have been working tirelessly on creating these fun, innovative flavor profiles that no other dairy-free ice cream brand has dared to offer.”

Click here for more flavor details: Birthday Cake Cookie Dough; The Rockiest Road

Be Healthy with NadaMoo!

By | Dessert Recipes

January came and went with lightening speed here at the NadaMoo! office in Austin, TX! We had like two days of winter and a bunch of spring and summer like days. So obviously, those warms days and chilly nights had us grabbing for an extra pint of NadaMoo! We tried to keep it clean this month because you know those New Year’s resolutions and all. We picked all of our favorite natural and healthy toppings for our coconut milk ice cream this month! Like coconut flakes, Texas pecans, pistachios and of course a cherry on top! What fun and delicious desserts are you trying this month? Click Healthy NadaMoo! Ice Cream Sundae recipe for more details.


Mint Chocolate Chip Grasshopper Icebox Cake

By | Uncategorized


Does anyone remember that fizzy green punch from childhood and how fun it was to drink? Well this minty fresh dessert brings back those memories for us! It’s sweet, chocolatey and refreshingly minty. The perfect end (or beginning!) to any holiday gathering.

We love it because you can make ahead but really once you make you’ll definitely want to eat it as soon as possible! This one won’t last long! With a flavor combo like mint & chocolate you really can’t go wrong!

Try our recipe here

Toasted Marshmallow Snickerdoodle Sundae

By | Uncategorized

toasted-marshmallow-snickerdoodle-sundaeA taste of the season! Now that it is finally a little cooler down here in Texas, it’s the perfect time for us to gather round the fire pit and toast some (vegan!) marshmallows. We decided that the marshmallows would be even better with a whole lotta NadaMoo!

The sweet cinnamon of Snickerdoodle has us feeling very holly jolly! And the bites of cookie dough inside the pint help too. We added extra snickerdoodles to this sundae because why not?! Do you have a favorite vegan snickerdoodle cookie recipe? Please share it with us, we are always on the hunt for great cookie recipes!

It is easy to make this Toasted Marshmallow Snickerdoodle Sundae for yourself or set up a DIY sundae bar at your gatherings this winter! Just be sure to have an adult on-hand to help with the marshmallow toasting.

Try the Recipe here!

How To Make A Vegan Funfetti Ice Cream Bubble Cone

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Vegan Funfetti Bubble Cone

Vegan Funfetti Bubble Cone

It’s no tricks and all treats for us here at NadaMoo! this month! We love a good food trend as much as anybody and made our own bubble cone! The popular Hong Kong style waffle has been popping up all over our Instagram accounts and the drool-worthy ice cream filled sweets are just what we want this Halloween.

There are hundreds of candy-filled combos we could have come up with but we picked a few of favorites to load up our bubbles cones! We topped it off with vegan treats like Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, homemade magic shell (made with dark chocolate and coconut oil), gluten-free pretzels, vegan sprinkles and even vegan caramel popcorn! The options are endless.

Plus, with this heat-wave that’s keeping fall temperatures at bay, a big NadaMoo! ice cream cone bubble cone is a perfect Halloween treat!

Click here for the RECIPE

Skull & Cakebones Teams Up With Nadamoo! For ACL Fest’s 15th Anniversary!

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We areACL teaming up with our friends from Skull & Cakebones again this year for ACL Fest! In honor of ACL’s 15th anniversary, Skull & Cakebones will be serving The Birthday Cakewich that features Skull & Cakebones’ vanilla cake with Vanilla…Ahh NadaMoo! ice cream rolled in vanilla frosting with all-natural sprinkles. Past flavors of the Instagram worthy Cakewiches include the Screameo, a chocolate cake with Vanilla…Ahh NadaMoo! rolled in mini chocolate chips, and the Affagato, also partnered with Chameleon Cold Brew, Bona Dea All Purpose Gluten Free Flour, and Nadamoo!.

Be sure to come grab a Birthday Cakewich and tag us @NadaMoo for a chance to be featured on our Instagram and win some swag!

Birthday Cakewich will be available during both weekends of ACL Fest for $6 at the ACL Eats food court. For more information visit nadamoo.com and skullandcakebones.com.

Dr. Oz The Good Life

By | Press Release, Press Releases

the good life post 1By Aleksandra Mencel | Aug 23, 2016

10 Allergen-Free Treats to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth

NadaMoo! Non-Dairy Ice Cream in Lotta Mint Chip

With exactly the right amount of refreshing minty flavor, this might be one of the most delicious vegan ice creams on the market. We promise you won’t come across any gross, icy patches in your pint — just guaranteed creaminess in every spoonful. (Find NadaMoo! in a store near you here.)


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