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Best Vegan Snacking

By March 15, 2017Press Release

This week’s best of series focuses on all things vegan snacking.

So when I say vegan snacking, I wanted to share the best of great snack ideas not genetically modified *clears throat* crap that coincidentally is vegan like Oreos.  I wanted real, vegan and gluten free snacking.  I wanted to cover chips to ice cream and everything in between so everyone from sweet to salty palates are covered.

As clean as your eating is, it’s important to build in treats or desserts into your diet. Balance is key.  I shared favorites that are all gluten free and vegan.  Easily found at Whole Foods or your favorite markets (or online).  This is just a list of my top favorites and honestly the list could go on & on if you let me.

Let’s start with popcorn.  I truthfully have a strong love for popcorn.  This popcorn in particular is my kryptonite.  Live Love Pop Truffle popcorn is based out of Austin, Texas.  A phenomenal company that is also sharing a 20% off discount for friends of mine on their new online shop.  Use code:  Kneadtocook for 20% off your order.  The truffle salt is our absolute favorite!

Let’s get into dark chocolate & of course, nut butter.  MY love.  Justin’s has long been a favorite of mine.  This little bag of delectable goodness are perfect for snacking, topping ice cream OR in baking.  No words needed.  Just go and get these!

Who needs dairy ice cream?  NOT me!  Once you sink your spoon into Nadamoo’s coconut based ice creams… there’s no turning back.  They just released two new flavors which I’m still dying over!

Needless to say the product they sent us was quickly devoured.  Thankfully local markets can order for us.  The birthday cake cookie dough.  Really, this is the best food combination in the history of food combinations EVER.

Moving on… baked coconut chips.  I bought them on a whim one day at the grocery store and have worked my way through many brands but THIS!  Oh C20 you make the most delectable flavors, texture and such yummy goodness.  I love these atop smoothie bowls, on my oatmeal or straight outta the bag 😉 Available at most grocery stores near the healthier chips/snacks.  Totally addictive.  Be warned.

Ohhhhh Hippeas.  I stumbled on these vegan puff kinda snacks at Starbucks and we instantly fell in love.  My daughter love the fajita flavor and I of course am smitten with Sriracha. You can order right from Amazon and they ship you a love, huge box of love.  Crunchy.  Flavor packed.  Oh and they’re made from chickpeas so yeah, they have protein too!  I die.

If you’re a caramel fan like me… this is one thing that you miss going vegan.  Until now. These Cocomels caramel candies are made from coconut milk and are oh so creamy deliciousness. Perfect grab and go treat that are pre-wrapped.  They are perfect when you just need a sweet treat.

Eat Pastry has long been a favorite in our house.  First, you can eat the dough right out of the container (ha – no eggs in there).  They make a gf version.  You can mix the dough into ice cream.  Spread it on whatever.  However you do you!  Plus of course, you can bake them if your a traditionalist.  I buy these by the case and store in the freezer.  Plus the dough is ready to go if you wish to only bake 1 or 2 cookies.  I mean seriously, c’mon!

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