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Distribution Roundup: Sweets & Snacks Gain New Retailers

450VanillaBy Carol Ortenberg | Aug 1st, 2016

NadaMoo Has Retailers Saying Yes

After a successful trade show season, NadaMoo (a line of non-dairy, coconut milk based, all natural ice cream) is seeing rapid expansion.

Before the summer, the line was sold in 1,500 stores including Whole Foods, Albertson’s HEB, Central Market, Vitamin Cottage, Bristol Farms and numerous independent retailers and co-ops.

In the past few months, the brand added 20-30 chains including HyVee, Earth Fare, and Fresh Thyme. Even more telling, several retailers expanded their relationships with the brand. Whole Foods nationwide, 190 HEB’s and more Albertson’s Divisions and Vitamin Cottages have all added the brand to shelves due to success in individual regions and tests.

The Austin, Texas-based brand was originally formed in 2004, but started to see national growth in later years. The line attributes this ascent, in part, to the growth of plant-based diets among consumers.


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