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NadaMoo! Frozen Coconut Desserts Roll Out at Whole Foods Nationwide


By Elaine Watson | April 7, 2016

When NadaMoo frozen coconut dessert first hit shelves at Whole Foods in Austin, Texas, in 2005, the target audience was vegans and people with food intolerances. Today, it’s sharing real estate with Ben & Jerry’s and enjoyed by consumers across multiple demographics, including dairy ice cream lovers, says CEO Daniel Nicholson.

“Back in 2004, we were the first ones doing this,” adds Nicholson, who became financial controller at NadaMoo! in 2008 and took the helm in 2011

“And we were probably catering mostly to rigorous vegans. Today, we’re catering to anyone and everyone, although I think Millennials are definitely buying into our product and our brand in particular.”

“At the beginning, our founder Amy Ramm was making the product herself and supplying it to a local juice shop and it caught the attention of a Whole Foods regional buyer. I don’t think she even had a brand name at that point, but he basically said, if you put it into pints, we’ll sell this product at Whole Foods.”

“There were dairy-free products on the market at the time, but they were generally soy, rice or almond based, so coconut was something really new.”

This year we fully expect to grow well into the triple digits.

While the Austin, Texas-based company has grown steadily since its launch, things have really picked up in the past couple of years as the plant-based food revolution has taken off and non-dairy options have captured a sizable share of the “milk” category and are staring to make inroads into every part of the store, says Nicholson.

And 2016 looks set to be a record year, predicts Nicholson, with four new flavors in the portfolio and a nationwide roller at Whole Foods starting this month. The product, which is in around 2,000 stores including Vitamin Cottage, Safeway/Albertsons, Raley’s and Save Mart is also rolling out to more than 250 H.E.B. stores… …

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