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NadaMoo! visits Seattle for VegFest

By April 13, 2016Uncategorized

We were very excited to attend our very first VegFest in Seattle and meet our new fans! Seattle VegFest is known as the largest vegetarian food event in the United States, so the opportunity to explore our sister city had piqued our interest from the start! Our team of happy campers made it a long weekend and brought 36 gallons of ice cream, some give away swag, and as we were told, the Texas sun! We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather and immediately fell in love with the city. We spent as much time as possible outside and explored with pints in hand, capturing Insta-worthy moments and loving all of the flowers in bloom. We come from cactus territory, so the color was a real treat!


Seattle has a lot to offer its visitors: the modern architecture, city parks, and bustling vegan and vegetarian food scene kept us entertained. Had we more time, we’d have checked out the Experience Music Project or ridden the Space Needle and… eaten in more vegan restaurants. We’d never seen so much variety!

Saturday kicked off the VegFest, so we started our day with a big breakfast and headed to the event for some scooping! We were all very excited and grateful to receive compliments from the locals. They loved our taste, texture, amount of sweetness, and said, “NadaMoo tastes just like regular ice cream!” Being the new kids on the block, we took time to speak to the brand and share our story. One of our most memorable moments was visiting with a lactose-intolerant man, who hadn’t had ice cream for 25 years and was able to enjoy ice cream again! By the end of the first day, we’d time traveled through the majority of our product! By midday Sunday, we’d scooped through 36 gallons of ice cream and made lots of new friends. The event was a huge success and was very well run, so kudos to Stewart and his team of volunteers. We would definitely do it again!

NadaMoo Seattle 2

We’d like to extend a warm “thank you” to our fans and your commitment to a clean, vibrant city that
supports small businesses like ours. Seattle has a vibrant plant-based community, and we met lots of wonderful people on our trip to VegFest!

Take a peek at #nadamoo to follow Insta-fame and drop us a note to share where you’d like to find NadaMoo in Washington. We want to make sure our treat make its way into the hands of those who have shown us support!

NadaMoo Seattle 3

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