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April 2016

VegNews: This Week’s Must-Have

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By Anna Starostinetskaya | April 25, 2016

Our summer calendars are full of ice cream-related activities thanks to NadaMoo!’s four new flavors.

Warm weather is on the horizon, which can mean only one thing … ice cream! Luckily, Austin-based vegan ice cream companyNadaMoo!’s four new flavors made with creamy coconut milk have “summer” written all over them. Our plans for the next few months include scooping the luscious Salted Caramel into our almond-milk lattes, porch-sitting with a pint of Pistachio, sandwiching mounds of Chocolate Cherry Fudge Brownie between actual brownies, and serving up sundaes made with That Snickerdoodle Dough—a cinnamony flavor with cookie dough bites dispersed throughout. Care to join?

NadaMoo! Is On A Mission To Make Ice Cream Great Again!

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WOW, how we’ve been busy! This March we became a N A T I O N W I D E brand, thanks to our partnership with Whole Foods Market. We’ve also added four new flavors to our lineup: Pistachio Nut, Chocolate Cherry Fudge Brownie, Salted Caramel, and That Snickerdoodle Dough (see what we did there?) for a total of 15 delicious flavors! We’ve added some quirky-fun flavor choices with a touch of decadence to our creamy, delicious family. These new flavors are hitting freezers in the Southwest, California, Pacific Northwest, Midwest and Northeast this spring. For more deets, follow our social media handles for new store announcements!

Make Ice Cream Great Again

Next to eating our finished ice cream, innovating new flavors and tasting potential ingredients is a real culinary hi-light at the office. We again partnered with Better Bites Bakery, a local vegan and gluten free baker’s heaven to bring you the snicker doodle bites and fudge brownies in our new flavors. NadaMoo’s commitment to gluten free and vegan ingredients is enhanced by partnerships like these: all of our flavors are made with USDA Organic and Kosher ingredients and have been submitted to the Non-GMO Project for verification. We go all the way with using Fair Trade USA certified cacao and agave nectar, so several of our flavors are also Fair Trade certified. At the end of the day, we’re making ice cream, but using high quality, clean ingredients that TASTE good!

By now you’ve probably become inundated with all the excitement that comes with being in an election year. Because we try not to take ourselves too seriously, and because making dairy-free treat seems like a campaign in and of itself, we made hats that read, “Make Ice Cream Great Again!” Yup, you heard that right – we’re having a little election-year fun by starting our own line of hats and tees to express our #PintSizedRevolution. The only candidate we’re endorsing is our own President and CEO, who leads the helm by sporting his hat on his morning run.

Head on over to the shop on our website for our line of tees and hats. And now, not just for frosty beverages, are our own line of pint coozies to keep your paw from freezing while you Netflix and chill. Wanna spoon, anyone? Follow along Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram for field notes, yummy recipes, new store announcements, and special store sales. And from the bottom of our tiny, frozen hearts (just kidding), thank you for supporting our family-owned treat.

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NadaMoo! Frozen Coconut Desserts Roll Out at Whole Foods Nationwide

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By Elaine Watson | April 7, 2016

When NadaMoo frozen coconut dessert first hit shelves at Whole Foods in Austin, Texas, in 2005, the target audience was vegans and people with food intolerances. Today, it’s sharing real estate with Ben & Jerry’s and enjoyed by consumers across multiple demographics, including dairy ice cream lovers, says CEO Daniel Nicholson.

“Back in 2004, we were the first ones doing this,” adds Nicholson, who became financial controller at NadaMoo! in 2008 and took the helm in 2011

“And we were probably catering mostly to rigorous vegans. Today, we’re catering to anyone and everyone, although I think Millennials are definitely buying into our product and our brand in particular.”

“At the beginning, our founder Amy Ramm was making the product herself and supplying it to a local juice shop and it caught the attention of a Whole Foods regional buyer. I don’t think she even had a brand name at that point, but he basically said, if you put it into pints, we’ll sell this product at Whole Foods.”

“There were dairy-free products on the market at the time, but they were generally soy, rice or almond based, so coconut was something really new.”

This year we fully expect to grow well into the triple digits.

While the Austin, Texas-based company has grown steadily since its launch, things have really picked up in the past couple of years as the plant-based food revolution has taken off and non-dairy options have captured a sizable share of the “milk” category and are staring to make inroads into every part of the store, says Nicholson.

And 2016 looks set to be a record year, predicts Nicholson, with four new flavors in the portfolio and a nationwide roller at Whole Foods starting this month. The product, which is in around 2,000 stores including Vitamin Cottage, Safeway/Albertsons, Raley’s and Save Mart is also rolling out to more than 250 H.E.B. stores… …

Read full post at Food Navigator

Vegan Ice Cream Company Experiencing Triple-Digit Growth

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By Anna Starostinetskaya | April 7, 2016

The dairy-free ice cream market is exploding with a number of national brands, including Nada Moo!.

Austin-based vegan ice cream brand Nada Moo! recently expanded to Whole Foods Markets nationwide and has rolled out four new flavors, including That Snickerdoodle Dough, Chocolate Cherry Fudge Brownie, Pistachio Nut, and Salted Caramel. Nada Moo! CEO Daniel Nicholson told food news outlet Food Navigator that the company has experienced a 75-percent growth rate every year and expects this year to bring them into triple digits. While Nada Moo! launched in 2004 with a focus on marketing its coconut milk-based products to vegans and those with dairy allergies, Nicholson says that the company currently is “catering to anyone and everyone,” particularly millennials. When it comes to what Nicholson thinks of large companies such as Ben & Jerry’s entering the dairy-free market, he stated, “I think it’s neat that brands like us and Coconut Bliss have started a pint-sized revolution that some of the larger brands now want to be a part of.”

NadaMoo! visits Seattle for VegFest

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We were very excited to attend our very first VegFest in Seattle and meet our new fans! Seattle VegFest is known as the largest vegetarian food event in the United States, so the opportunity to explore our sister city had piqued our interest from the start! Our team of happy campers made it a long weekend and brought 36 gallons of ice cream, some give away swag, and as we were told, the Texas sun! We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather and immediately fell in love with the city. We spent as much time as possible outside and explored with pints in hand, capturing Insta-worthy moments and loving all of the flowers in bloom. We come from cactus territory, so the color was a real treat!


Seattle has a lot to offer its visitors: the modern architecture, city parks, and bustling vegan and vegetarian food scene kept us entertained. Had we more time, we’d have checked out the Experience Music Project or ridden the Space Needle and… eaten in more vegan restaurants. We’d never seen so much variety!

Saturday kicked off the VegFest, so we started our day with a big breakfast and headed to the event for some scooping! We were all very excited and grateful to receive compliments from the locals. They loved our taste, texture, amount of sweetness, and said, “NadaMoo tastes just like regular ice cream!” Being the new kids on the block, we took time to speak to the brand and share our story. One of our most memorable moments was visiting with a lactose-intolerant man, who hadn’t had ice cream for 25 years and was able to enjoy ice cream again! By the end of the first day, we’d time traveled through the majority of our product! By midday Sunday, we’d scooped through 36 gallons of ice cream and made lots of new friends. The event was a huge success and was very well run, so kudos to Stewart and his team of volunteers. We would definitely do it again!

NadaMoo Seattle 2

We’d like to extend a warm “thank you” to our fans and your commitment to a clean, vibrant city that
supports small businesses like ours. Seattle has a vibrant plant-based community, and we met lots of wonderful people on our trip to VegFest!

Take a peek at #nadamoo to follow Insta-fame and drop us a note to share where you’d like to find NadaMoo in Washington. We want to make sure our treat make its way into the hands of those who have shown us support!

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