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Pre-SXSweat Community Workout in Austin

By March 3, 2016Uncategorized


Yesterday, Nadamoo teamed up with Camp Gladiator, TriggerPoint Therapy, and Chameleon Cold-Brew to host a Pre-SXSweat Community workout at the heart of Austin! We wanted to give Austinites a fun way to workout for free and have a very deserving, delicious post-workout treat. From burpees to foam rolling to slinging scoops of ice cream, we all enjoyed this event so much. It was so wonderful to see the local community and brands team up for such a great cause. We were happy to see some old and new faces trying our healthy ice cream. Attendees were able to pick a scoop of either Vanilla…ahhh!, Vanilla Cha-Cha-Chai, or Gotta Do Chocalate, or mix it with some Chameleon Cold-Brew coffee and make what we liked to call a Dirty Chai (Vanilla Chai + Coffee), Tuxedo (Vanilla + Coffee), or Midnight (Chocolate +Coffee) drink. Huge thanks to Jordan Jones from Camp Gladiator for planning this awesome event. We are looking forward to the next one! Stay tuned for more exciting events in March!


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