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June 2015

Grab Life by the Coconuts this Summer

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Tick-tock goes the summer clock. It’s here. Summer. Roughly 75 days full of endless possibilities.

Although most of us are working or shuffling kids to camps and activities, remember that summer, in all its glory, only comes around once a year. So live adventurously, or as we like to say- Grab Life by the Coconuts.

Make a summer bucket list: go camping, take a road trip, spend a week(end) at the beach, go tubing on the river, cool down with a margarita, visit an outdoor pool or swimming hole, play board games on a rainy day, go paddle boarding/kayaking, visit a water/amusement park, go surfing, try a new restaurant, make new friends, or better yet try a new flavor of NadaMoo!

Enjoy a scoop of Mmm…Maple Pecan after an impromptu Saturday hike with friends or taste the refreshing Sweet Cherry Lime while playing horseshoes by the water. For those of you who want to escape the heat, indulge in Cookies & Creme over a fierce game of poker.

Whatever grabs you this summer, do it with all you got. Summer is about fun and adventure… plain and simple. For some of us, it’s about re-living carefree childhood memories and for those of us that need reminding…it’s just about living! NadaMoo is here to remind you, so live summer like it’s meant to be. Remember…Grab Life by the Coconuts!

Grab Life by the Coconuts Giveaway

Send us your best Grab Life by the Coconuts moment on snapchat or hashtag #grablifebythecoconuts on Instagram for your chance to win two free pints! One lucky winner will be chosen each week from now until the end of July.

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