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Chocolate Raspberry Recipe Featuring Gotta Do Chocolate

By April 9, 2015Uncategorized

Chocolate Raspberry Recipe


As mentioned last week, for the month of April the NadaMoo team is taking a break from bowls as we #ThinkOutsideTheBowl (and substantially reduce office dish duty).


Gotta Do Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries

 For many, chocolate is not only a favorite food, but a way of life. These chocoholics find any excuse to add their rich indulgence to nearly any type of dish. Some might argue that stuffing a raspberry with chocolate ice cream defeats the purpose of snacking on the antioxidant-packed super food. However, taking advantage of the health benefits of NadaMoo, we have created a chocolate raspberry recipe that is the best of both worlds.

Made with coconut milk, NadaMoo contains plant-based saturated fats, which differ biochemically from the animal-based fats found in traditional dairy ice creams. According to cookbook author Cathe Olson, coconut milk is made up of medium-chain fatty acids, which are converted to energy rather than stored as body fat. Medium-chain fatty acids have also been proven to speed up metabolism, which burns calories and promotes weight loss. Coconut milk is also rich in lauric acid. Also found in breast milk, lauric acid is known to promote a healthy immune system and facilitate brain function. These research claims are also supported by studies of island populations around the world that use the coconut in everything from cooking to disease prevention.

For this week’s quick chocolate raspberry recipe, pack raspberry pits with thawed Gotta Do Chocolate and then freeze. That’s it. It’s hard to decide what which reward is better. The numerous benefits of raspberries + those of coconut milk or the sweet, fruity flavor + the rich and creamy chocolate. A handful of these heavenly bites make the perfect snack between meals or even a scrumptious dessert. You could even place a few atop of a cake for a lovely design or on top of more scoops of NadaMoo (as Audrey Hepburn once said “NadaMoo is always a good idea”…or something like that). Try it out and don’t be afraid to get creative with your flavor combos! Make sure to share your creations using #ThinkOutsideTheBowl

Chocolate Stuffed Raspberries


Gotta Do Chocolate Raspberry Recipe


3/4 (6 oz package) raspberries
1/2 cup Gotta Do Chocolate


Let Gotta Do Chocolate thaw for 10 min. Use a teaspoon to spoon Gotta Do Chocolate into raspberry pits. Put in freezer for 1 hour. Enjoy!

Time: 5 min + freezing

Calories: 165

Serving Size: 1

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